The National Perinatal Surveys address numerous topics. The data they yield are used by the researchers who organized the surveys and are available to the scientific community.

Main topics of the National Perinatal Surveys

The principal mission of the National Perinatal Surveys is to monitor changes since 1995 in perinatal health, care, and risk factors, using perinatal indicators generally known since 1995. These indicators relate to the following :

  • sociodemographic situation of women
  • health of women before pregnancy
  • pregnancy follow-up
  • prevention during pregnancy
  • obstetric complications
  • delivery
  • infant’s health
  • breastfeeding in the maternity ward.

The data collected in the National Perinatal Surveys are also used to estimate healthcare needs and to evaluate public policies and healthcare practices. To address these issues, the 2021 survey will focus on the following topics :

  • risk behaviours (smoking, …)
  • screening for intrauterine growth restriction
  • composition of the medical and paramedical teams in the delivery room
  • management of labour and delivery
  • pain management
  • presence of the partner during pregnancy follow-up and childbirth
  • return home after delivery
  • wellbeing and mental health of women
  • violence against women
  • health literacy
  • child’s sleeping conditions

The projects undertaken are often at the interface between different subjects.

The data collected in the National Perinatal Surveys also include the perinatal indicators recommended in Europe (EURO-PERISTAT indicators).

Data access

National Perinatal Surveys are conducted in accordance with the regulations in force and have systematically received authorizations from the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) and from the National Council for Statistical Information (CNIS): 

  • 2010 : CNIS authorization No. 2010X716SA and CNIL authorization No.°909003
  • 2016 : CNIS authorization No. 2016X703SA and CNIL authorization No. 915197
  • 2021 : authorizations/approvals have been obtained from :
    • National Council for Statistical Information (CNIS)
    • Public Statistics Committee
    • Institutional Review Board (CPP)
    • Ethics and Science Committee for Research, Studies, and Evaluations (CESREES)
    • French Data Protection Authority.

After the survey, two databases will be accessible to the scientific community on a secure platform :

  • One containing data collected at childbirth (interview and medical file) and at two-month follow-up and data describing the maternity wards,
  • Another including matched data from the National Health Data System(SNDS)..

Access to these databases will be subject to authorization in accordance with the regulations. The procedure will be specified later.


The three questionnaires of National Perinatal Survey 2021 are now avalaible :

Questionnaire NAISSANCE

Questionnaire Etablissement

2 months follow-up questionnaire

You can consult the place of birth Établissement (PDF file) et delivery questionnaire Naissance (PDF file) of the 2016 National Perinatal Survey.

Data of previous editions

Data from previous editions of the National Perinatal Surveys (2003, 2010, 2016) are available on the website

In the “available data” tab, choose “Health and social protection”

Producer = DREES – Ministry of Health