Here you can consult the main documents describing the National Perinatal Surveys and their results, which appeared in different media.

  • Press releases

26/11/2019 – Influenza, the reasons for low immunization coverage in pregnant women

11/10/2017 – The health of mothers and newborns in 2016

16/10/2015 – Intrauterine growth restriction, evaluation and impact of screening

  • The main results of National Perinatal Surveys

The 2021 National Perinatal Survey results will be summarized in this section.

This article summarizes the major changes in perinatal health since 1995

This article presents an overview of perinatal health in France between 1995 and 2010 (in French)

  • National Perinatal Survey reports

The National Perinatal Survey reports present the main results concerning perinatal health in France (metropolitan France and overseas departments and regions).

2021 Report

The reports of the last two National Perinatal Surveys are available here:

2016 report

2010 report

Publications of the coordination teams of National Perinatal Surveys since 2010